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Freakshow Effects 20XX Boost Blue/White (Clearance)

Freakshow Effects


Clearance Item: Save 30% with code - SAVE30

Measurements: 3 1/2" tall x 1 1/2" wide! yes...it's small!

So...your boost pedal got ya down? Tired of the plethora of choices out there that basically just "make you loud"? Yeah we were too....so we came up with this neat LITTLE pedal here called the "20XX"! Make no mistake there are louder and much more "transparent" pedals out there but there is a method to our madness I swear! What we did was make a booster pedal that DOES color your tone to make your leads sound FAT. Lets face it loud brittle sounding solo's do it for some but most of those memorable classic lead tones of the 60's-80's have an almost violin-esque tone to them ehh? Now thats what we're talking about with the "20XX"! (formerly the 9) WE SUGGEST YOU USE THE "20XX" FIRST IN YOUR CHAIN OF PEDALS. It's job is basically to slam your tube amp or favorite overdrive pedal with guitar input. It was designed to play creamy leads/solo's but some may like it on all the time to "stack" or "cascade" it's drive into another effect pedal. As always there is NO right or wrong way in the world of music....experiment and use this only as a guideline!

This pedal is assembled with ONLY high quality componentry to minimize self-hiss and maximize tone. A NOS silicon transistor is used to keep the pedal reliable even in cold/hot environments. What this means is, unlike germanium boosts, your tone will stay consistent and reliable day after day....night after night. There is only ONE knob......volume of course....and the enclosure is nice and small so it will fit on the overcrowded pedalboards of todays guitarist. And last but not least.....the price is down-to-earth! Enjoy! note: The 20XX is small.....it cannot be powered from a 9v battery because a battery simply cannot fit inside it. It is powered by a standard 9v power supply or wal-wart type power supply. Do not power it with 18 volts either kids..... :

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