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Freakshow Effects Ripple Tremolo (Orange/White) (Clearance)

Freakshow Effects


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What you got sitting in front of you is what we call an analog flavored tremolo pedal. Now...we say analog flavored because there isn't any optical circuitry, vaccuum tubes, or little mice spinning a wheel inside this thing. What you have inside is totally transistor based tremolo with the addition of a preamp to give the pedal a little extra hair and make it sound nice and warm. Translation: This tremolo pedal SOUNDS just like a tube or opto based tremolo effect like those in nice vintage amplifiers...but adds the ability to make modern choppy tremolo sounds...and yes....it's true bypass too! Lets go over the controls of this thing shall we? 

Speed (S) Pretty self explanitory huh? All the way to the left is slowest, all the way to the right is fast! You'll notice there is a blinking L.E.D. that blinks in time with the speed of the tremolo effect. We found this handy to see at a glance when you're dealing with a dark stage or...just enjoy blinking lights! 

Depth (D) This control will vary the depth of the tremolo effect. Again all the way to the left is minimum, and all the way to the right is maximum effect.Square / sine switch This switch will change the effect from a square wavefom (think more choppy, or a more on / off type of effect) or a sine waveform (more vintage sounding, sort of blends effect with guitar signal so it doesn't "cut out" your signal entirely like square does). The sine wave mode will give you the warmest most vintage tone when used with a clean amp setting. With Overdrive/distortion the effect WILL BE DIMINISHED some. Experiment to see what you like best! 

In certain setups switching this switch will cause an audible "pop". This is normal and we suggest turning the pedal off while switching modes to avoid this! 

Internal trimpot If you take the back cover off the pedal and look inside you'll see a little blue square thing on the circuit board. This is a trimpot! It is used to adjust the output level of the pedal by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver in it and turning the adjustment. It comes set from us at about 3/4 of the way to max volume. We find this is the point where you get just a few Db of gain. If you like more or less adjust the trimpot accordingly. 


Although this pedals primary use is obviously as a tremolo...it can also be used as a boost. The circuit has a little bit of gain built into it to enhance the tremolo effect......but......turning the rate knob and depth knob all the way down while using SINE mode will effectively make the pedal work as a boost! You can tailor the level of boost by using the internal trimpot (blue thingy) to adjust the volume boost. Bonus! two pedals in one!!! 

We recommend using a standard 9-volt center negative power supply such as a Boss PSA-120, Pedal power plus, or other REGULATED 9-VOLT DC supply. We DO NOT recommend digital switching supplies such as one-spots or power-alls etc... We have had issues with them ruining pedals in the past and cannot suggest using them.

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