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J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver Splitter

J. Rockett Audio Designs

Mark Sampson and J. Rockett Audio Designs "Revolver" (08:49)
A stereo splitter with dual mono outs. Boost can be mono or stereo. switch in the trem or Magnatone type vibe effect when you need it but it can always be a stereo splitter on its own. The over all sound gets into that Top Boost chime but with the addition of the Maggy vibe it gets interesting. The vibe can pulse at the same rate left and right or alternate left and right hence the odd/even switch. Lots going on with this pedal, very inspiring!!
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    A stereo splitter with dual mono outs. Boost can be mono or s...


J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver Splitter

The Mark Sampson designed Revolver was created based off of a custom stereo amp that Mark designed.  I sat and played that amp for hours just mesmerized at how magical the sound was.  The Revolver is an exact re-creation of that circuit and in some respects even better.  The Revolver is a stereo splitter/EQ and Boost that you can use as a stereo splitter with no vibe and then you can bring the vibe into the mix if you choose.  The Boost/EQ section has that classic Mark Sampson chime that we are all used to so expect lush, beautiful bell-like tones all the way around.  

J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver Splitter Features:

  • Volume - The volume cvontrol is very powerful and drives pretty hard pretty early.
  • Tone - The tone control is a very effective EQ going from dark to very chimey bright. It is great to creat that "sampson" chime before the vibe trem is engaged.
  • STD / Pitch and Mono / Stereo - Depending on how you have the pedal setup this switch has two functions. If it is just in boost mode this switch this pedal will change from mono to stereo since the pedal is a stereo splitter. If you do not have the effect engaged it will change it from a standard vibe to a pitch shifting vibe. When it is in "Pitch" mode you will really hear the stereo play between both sides depending on the intesnsity of the depth.
  • Effect On / Off - The over all pedal can be tunred on as a stereo splitter or mono boost. With the effect On/Off you have the choice to use the vibe effect or not but still have a stereo splitter / boost option. Once the effect is engaged you can tweak the parameters as described in the STD / Pitch section.
  • Speed - Changed the speed of the vibe from slow to fast.
  • Odd / Even - When the pedal is in stereo mode and with the vibe effect on this switch allows you to change between an alternating left right vibe in odd mode or a simultaneous pulse from both sides in even mode. It does take a few seconds to catch up in either setting and is very subtle.
  • Depth - This allows you to set the intensity of the vibe effect. When set to full intensity you will really hear the interplay of each side giving you a dizzying stereo effect. With the depth knob set to very low intensity it creates a beautiful subtle vibe that is moody and lush.
  • On / Off - Engages the pedal and depending on if you have the vibe effect on or not this will engage the mono / stereo boost or the vibe effect.


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