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Keeley Electronics Compressor 4 Knob

Keeley Electronics

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Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor (05:30)
The industry standard in compression, The Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor sports an impressive pedigree of awards, with the sound to back it up! The Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor features 4 knobs, Level and Sustain to control the amount of compression, Clipping to add a bit of gain and thickness to the compressed sound and the Attack knob to control the attack speed. The attack speed of the Keeley Electronics 4 Knob Compressor can get to be so quick it has been regarded as one of the most transparent compressors on the market! Handwired and assembled, you always know you're always getting top quality from Keeley. Don't settle for imitators, get the real thing! Now in Limited edition Prymaxe Black!!! Pick up the Keeley 4 Knob Compressor SIGNED BY ROBERT KEELEY by giving us a call at 1-855-PRYMAXE or visiting the new home of tone, http://www.prymaxevintage.com/keeley-electronics-compressor-4-knob-prymaxe-black/
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This is where Keeley hand built pedals really began! You're about to read about our most popular pedal. The Keeley Compressor is the award winning industry standard for stomp box compression. The sound will inspire your creativity.

The Keeley Compressor, Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine! AND, most recently the READERS CHOICE AWARD for Stomp BOX...It is true audiophile and studio grade compressor, exotic rack mount quality in a stomp box for once !

HEY! Don't be fooled by other compressors that use the same FONT and BLUE LED just to try and sell you a compressor. Our heart and soul are in this tool. You can't say that about the other folks.

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Product Reviews

  1. Believe the Hype

    Posted by PJS on 4th Dec 2013

    I had have been an MXR Dyna Comp user for some time and had spent some time researching different compressors. I kept reading about Keeley Comp Pedals and decided to take the plunge and purchase one. I could not be happier. While the pedal is pricey, it adds so much to my tone. I use it as an always on box on my board, it is extremely versatile and adds a level of polish and "it" factor to my overall sound. If you have the ability to buy one, you will not be let down by the Keeley Comp. Great pedal all around.

  2. Awsome Compressor

    Posted by Mike on 22nd Apr 2013

    I bought a used Keeley 2 knob compressor and just loved it so much I decided to get a new 4 knob. I leave mine on all the time for tone shaping, not that there was anything wrong before, but wow what a difference. I bought it here at Prymax where I found the best deal and free shipping that only took three days. It's my second pedal from Prymax now and more to come.

  3. From Chicken Pickin' to Phish, this compressor does it all!

    Posted by Bryon on 1st Nov 2012

    With this compressor, I can cover all the bases. I can get classic chicken pickin' country tone on my tele bridge pickup; and with it placed right after two tube-screamer type overdrive pedals, I can get a pretty convincing Trey Anastasio-type tone on my neck humbucker. I give myself goosebumps when I play the outtro to Lizards through this pedal. Singing sustain for days. And, with the four knob model, it is very easy to dial in the kind of tone you are after. By tweaking the Attack, Sustain, and Clipping settings, you can get anything from a very transparent, natural sound to a nice squishy compressed sound for either chicken pickin' or early Phish. And it is the quietest compressor I have ever used. I can run it after my tube screamers, and it does not get inordinately noisy. I could not do this with my old Boss CS3. It would run you out of the room with all the hiss it would produce when I tried to run it after my overdrive. My Dynacomp was even more noisy. And this thing seems to be made really well. It seems to have the highest quality components and workmanship. One more thing: Keeley has great customer support. I called with a question, and he was a super cool and very nice guy. And he was very helpful in answering my questions and giving me tips on how to set it up for my needs. Really nice touch. Well worth spending a little extra than Boss or MXR or whatever to get the best compressed tone out there.

  4. The best compressor out there!

    Posted by Andre on 4th Oct 2012

    Don´t spend your money with cheap pedals! This one worth every cent!