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OKKO Pedals Coca Comp Compressor

OKKO Pedals


The OKKO CocaComp is a studio quality compressor and clean boost pedal. It doesn’t color your tone, it enhances it.
Use it for your clean sound to make it big, tight and punchy without squashing your attack...
put it before your dirty amp or overdrive pedals for dynamic singing lead tones without much distortion...
plug in your Piezo-equipped acoustic guitar for a fatter, less harsh sound... the Coca makes everything sound better :-)

The CocaComp’s circuit has nothing in common with the classic grey, red or orange stompbox compressors.
Like expensive studio compressors, it works with an optocoupler for smooth and natural compression.

Instead of Attack/Release/Treshold and all the controls, the Coca has only one control for the compression
called SING (You won’t miss any of the others). It works like an "upward" compressor –
leaving te attack and strong notes unchanged while amplifying quieter notes and subtleties
of your playing and increasing the sustain.

PUSH is the volume/boost control, unity gain is around 10 o‘clock.

The low noise design and parts choice for the CocaComp results in an exceptionally
quiet operation – no hiss, hum or other unwanted noise!

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Product Reviews

  1. Stellar level rider for fretless bass 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2014

    This is a tasty alternative to the Diamond Bass Comp without the TILT EQ. The Diamond doesn't stand up the test of time for me, makes me periodically turn it off to hear the true bypass, yet with the OKKO, ON is always better than not. Not as neutral, but a bit juice that is always welcome!

    It is SUPER QUIET on both the input, and output...amazing electronics quality! Just loves a High Z passive, or active bass pickup, doesn't matter, best buffer I've ever heard.

    NOT VERSATILE, JUST ESSENTIAL ONCE YOU ARE HOOKED: It features a fixed, and modest compression ratio (feels like 4 to 1) so finding a good setting for hard limiting slap bass is almost impossible to dial in. There is not a lot of user control of the sidechain. Otherwise, the lack of attack/release controls is rarely missed if you don't crave heavy settings.

  2. Great comp for live bass! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2013

    I recently added to this it to my Pedaltrain and it makes my playing sound great! Compresses the signal nicely while preserving the attack. The bass is punchier and cuts through my band's mix perfectly at all frequencies now. I keep the Push at 10:30 and Sing at 2:00, and I rarely turn the pedal off.

  3. Okko pedals worth the investment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2013

    Ive been using pedals for over 40 years,so I tried or owned hundreds and hundreds.Most Compressors can be very noisy pedals, even the boutique ones.Sometimes they have controls that arent needed.After having about a dozen different compressors, the last two years,Ive been using the Visual Sound Comp 66 as it has been the least noisy and was very happy with it.I had some extra money and decided to give the Coca Comp a try-especially with Prymaxe's Steller service & return policy.I own two other Okko pedals, so Im familiar with their outstanding quality products.Really didnt think it could be better than the Comp 66, but I've now finalized my quest in Compression land. Two knobs,extremely quiet, and no bad sounds no matter how you set the knobs.A must for killing Chickens and playing single coils. And you know,best of all,I didnt have any blue pedals on my board,HA!

  4. Excellent on bass! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2013

    I am a bass player who purchased an OKKO Coca Comp a while ago and never turn it off. This is an excellent compressor/clean boost which is easy to use. It enhances my tone without coloring it too much and my other pedals do not sound nearly as good without the Coca Comp engaged.