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Barber Electronics Trifecta Fuzz

Barber Electronics

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Barber Trifecta Fuzz - Subdecay Echobox Delay - Guitar Demo (07:06)
Demo of the Barber Trifecta Fuzz and Subdecay Echobox Delay on guitar. 2011 ESP Horizon NT-II (passive JB and 59) into a clean Blackstar Artisan 100 head and a Mesa 4x12 cabinet with V30's.Speaker was mic'd with a Shure SM57 and Sennheiser E609. Signals go to a Mackie mixer then directly into the line-in on the Zoom Q3HD. NO eq or audio controls were added. http://www.scalpthem.com
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    Demo of the Barber Trifecta Fuzz and Subdecay Echobox Delay on...


This one is for classic fuzz freaks and newcomers alike. The Barber Trifecta employs a three way toggle switch to seamlessly navigate three classic vintage fuzz circuits producing a plethora of tones from trippy to squishy, through heavy and beyond. The newly minted Barber exclusive "Sludge" control allows players to easily dial in the Trifecta to work perfectly with all types of pickups (humbuckers, single coils even active!).  The Sludge control is a pre-fuzz bass control circuit to allow you to adjust exactly how much bass gets pushed through the fuzz circuit. The Trifecta's variable tone control is also a push/pull type switch which lets you go from classic scooped to “boutique” strong fundamental flat style EQ.

The Trifecta’s classic three fuzz circuits are based off of the triangle style pi sound, the Jumbo Bender style and the Suppa Bender style with our boutique mods/magic and superior build quality. These three classic circuits all were very close except for clipping sections (fuzzy stuff) being omitted or added, so we figured, why not make it a Trippy Fuzz party and give the players all three for the price of one!

The NEW v2 version of the Trifecta now has much more distinct differences when comparing the three toggle setting, extra thunder and extra squishy are now available!

Finally your vintage Fuzz sounds have TOO MUCH CONTROL! (in a good way)

The Barber Electronics Trifecta is a muff lovers dream.  The Trifecta has three, vintage modified circuits on tap.  What a value!  The Barber Electronics Trifecta is huge and perfect for fuzzed out riffs.  The Trifecta's EQ also prevents your guitar from getting lost in the mix.

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Product Reviews

  1. Gorgeous Fuzz...what an Oxymoron but it's true!

    Posted by Timberghost on 25th May 2013

    Gorgeous is a strange word to use for a true-bypass FUZZ Pedal---but because I have cringed at some guitarists who love to set all their settings so that their FUZZ sounds like a piece of chalk screeching down a chalk board on steroids,well lets jsut say the Barber Trifecta is a warm welcome to my ears....fat, smooth or gritty as hell, but yet somehow ,the Trifecta is always warm and analogy and very tweakable. If you can't get a great earthy smooth FUZZ to a gritty sludge FUZZ out of the "Trifecta" you need to work on other ingredients along the signal path of the "straight-wire."

  2. Flexible, Versatile, Musical: Trifecta!

    Posted by Kevin Maxfield on 18th Jun 2012

    I eyeballed this pedal for some time before finally taking the plunge and ordering it. (As it turned out, a weird loop de loop through the postal system made it take even longer, but good things come to those that wait, right?) What impression did it make coming out of the box? It was square. It was orange. It had four knobs, a small toggle switch, and a footswitch. The design was simple and straightforward (as was the literature that came with it). This was no piece of shimmering eye candy; it was clear that whatever magic this pedal had was lurking under the hood waiting to be heard...and hear it I did!

    It's called the "Trifecta" because it is essentially three fuzz pedals in one. To be more specific, it has three different fuzz circuits, each based on a classic model: the EHX (triangle) Big Muff, Colorsound Jumbo Tonebender, and Vox Suppa Bender. The little toggle switch is used to select the desired mode. The three circuits aren't hugely different, since they share the same tone stack, but each has its own character. The Muff setting (left switch position) is the wooliest and most intense. The Suppa Bender (right switch position) has more of a singing sound with a bit of violin-like edge and compression that offers plenty of sustain. The Jumbo Bender position (switch in the middle) gives a more open and transparent sound with clear pick attack and note definition for more expressive playing, especially with the gain rolled back.

    The tone controls are deceptively simple. The single tone knob is a pull-pot that toggles between flat and scooped EQ. The intriguing "sludge" control apparently boosts or cuts the bass level before the effect, allowing the pedal to be matched to any pickup type. Generally speaking, the Trifecta produced singing leads, tuneful hooks, or a chunky punch with equal ease on my Telecaster, Strat HSS, and SG. Perhaps the master volume doesn't go as loud as some other fuzz boxes I've seen, but on the other hand the Trifecta is anything but noisy.

    The Barber Trifecta is a very useful pedal that offers a lot. I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention.