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TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay

TC Electronic

TC Electronic Flashback X4 vs Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (10:29)
TC Electronic Flashback X4 vs Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Fender Stratocaster Vox AC30
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    $249.99 http://www.prymaxevintage.com/tc-electronic-flashback-...
  • TC Electronic ...
    $249.99 http://www.prymaxevintage.com/tc-electronic-flashback-...
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  • TC Electronic ...
    TC Electronic Flashback X4 Fender Stratocaster Vox AC30
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  • TC Electronic ...
    TC Electronic Flashback X4 vs Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Fender Str...


TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay

If you're an electric guitarist, TC Electronic's Flashback X4 Guitar Delay Stompbox is essential kit. TC Electronic scored big with the Flashback, and has been listening to your feature requests. The result is the 4-button Flashback X4, which gives you the sonic goodness of the original, only now with 12 delay types, three presets, a 40-second looper, tap tempo - and four TonePrint slots that let you load in presets from your favorite artists via your smartphone or computer. From luscious analog tape echo to insane reverse delays, your pedalboard needs only one delay - the TC Electronic Flashback X4.

TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay Features:

  • TonePrint enabled - load customized signature tones made by your fave guitarists
  • Beam enabled - download the free TonePrint app to transfer TonePrints wirelessly using your smartphone
  • Pedal simple - don't read, rock!
  • Three Presets
  • Tap Tempo
  • 16 Delay Types
  • 40-second looper with undo
  • Independent loop and delay engines
  • True Bypass (optional buffered)
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • Expression pedal input
  • Stereo in- and output
  • MIDI - sync delay tempos and change presets externally
  • Subdivision selector including dual delay
  • 9 Volt DC power supply included
  • Massive headroom
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Product Reviews

  1. A good one!

    Posted by João Pedro on 5th Aug 2014

    The X4 is a great digital delay, the presets are really nice, the analog simulation is one of the bests in the pedal. Very simple to use. My concerns about it is the small number of tones you have on tap, maybe 4 slots for Tone Print is a little too much, i'd prefer more fixed tones. And off course it's really big!

  2. Plug-and-play versatility

    Posted by CN on 26th Feb 2014

    I've always played through basic, 3-knob delay pedals, so the TC Electronic Flashback FX4 was a big step for me to take. Knobs, pedals, switches, oh my! I was relieved to find great sounds as soon as I turned it on, and the pedal is intuitively designed, so no need to even crack open that owner's manual. I haven't downloaded any Tone Prints, as the on-board sounds are satisfactory right out of the box, but I'll look forward to trying them out when I've used up all of the pre-loaded sounds. The looper has been a blast to use, and I like that I can loop with a delay effect, and then play over it with another delay effect. And bonus! The FX4 allows for two loops to play at once. It's been hours of fun, and a great value.

  3. Really happy with the X4!

    Posted by hank on 14th Feb 2014

    So far it's working great... Love the toneprints and the toneprint editor gives you tons of flexibility. Really sounds fantastic with my BE100

  4. You can't go wrong with this

    Posted by Jose Manuel Carmona Roldan on 30th Dec 2013

    I'm really happy with this awesome pedal. Really good sounding and lots of possibilities, specially with the 4 TonePrint slots. Maybe is not the greatest sounding delay pedal out there if you compare it with specific boutique pedals, but it can perfectly be the most versatile and the price is unbeatable. And you also have a really powerful looper!

    Buy this pedal if you want a simple, easy-to-use and versatile delay machine with a really good sound. If you are more exquisite with your sound, you will definitely need to spend way a lot more money.

  5. Great tone - But Poor Build

    Posted by Tim on 28th Dec 2013

    All the delay tones in this were very impressive, though in less than 2 weeks the B foot-switch stopped working, the editor would not save parameters from PC to pedal and a new source audio expression pedal would not get along unless I tapped the tap tempo button...

    So a good as it sounds, until TC can promise a solid reliable unit I give it 3 stars at best

  6. Best of the Best!!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2013

    This delay is the best delay I ever had!! I replace my Boss Giga Delay for this one!!!

  7. Wow X4!

    Posted by Forest Man on 27th May 2013

    What a great pedal! I love my delay and this pedal is easily one of the best on the market. This is going to be one of those pedals that will eventually be on everyone's board and easily replaces that ugly green one I see everywhere. TC did it right and with the added toneprint toolbox and custom downloads, this thing is an instant classic. Great sounding box with endless tweak-ability.

  8. Best Delay Out There...the MOST Options...BEST sound!

    Posted by dj on 2nd Apr 2013

    I replaced my Line 6 and a Boss DD5 with this. Loved it so much I bought 2 units. Sound quality is stunning...all the different delays are great...not a turkey in the bunch...All high quality...All very usable + stereo ins and outs...tap tempo...and a LOOPER! Come on! It's hard to beat TC Electronics for quality, durability, dependability, and price. Just EXCELLENT!

  9. Sold ALL my other delays...

    Posted by dj on 22nd Mar 2013

    I really love the versatility and the quietness of this unit. Every setting inspires creativity.
    Sold a Boss DD5, two regular Flashback delays, and my line 6 DL4 and replaced them all with this one unit. The looping as a real bonus.